Fitness for weight loss: personalized workout plan App Reviews

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They have charged me even though I have asked to stop my account. I have uninstalled unsubscribed and still getting charged! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

Just started

I just downloaded the app and it took me through all the information questions. When I got to the questions about problem areas and my goals I was only able to pick one of them, even though I wanted to mark all of them. I was just wondering since it gives a duration of training for the one problem area and goal I'd picked, can I switch it to work on a different problem area and goal after my fitness schedule ends? I really like everything else in the app that I've seen and all the informational tips that the app has.


Like ordinary apps, you only get a few things without the premium.

Great but what if...?

What happens when I have more than 1 problematic areas? Both arms and lower body. I think it would be nice if I could select up to 2 areas.

I like it but...

Good workouts though I wish they'd switch it up a bit more. I also think the amount of time they give is unrealistic but I use it as a guide and increase the reps for a solid workout.


ماعرف استعمله


Me encanta explica muy bien todo

5 pounds

I honestly lost 5 pounds in 3 three weeks. Changed my diet only a little. I feel better and more energized also.

Fitness for Weight Loss app

I do like this app! I am 75 and exercise every day because I was diagnosed as a diabetic June 2017. I have to lose at least 30 pounds and I've lost 21 lbs so far but these last 10 are murder so I thought I would ramp up the difficulty. This app is not senior friendly as we probably won't be able to do most of the fast paced exercises but we can modify them to our own ability. What I like about this app is that it incorporates a mix of easy and hard and keeps you on a timer. Thank you for creating this app! Linda McLelland Thank you for your response and concerns. I actually did discuss my exercise program with my doctor and was told to do whatever I'm most comfortable doing. I always modify the program to my abilities. Since I began my exercise program June 27, I have lost 22 pounds!

Great workouts!

I have enjoyed every workout given. However, it would be nice to be soon a demonstration of each exercise before starting them. Also, there should be an option to repeat exercises. Other than that, is enjoying my slim down body! Thank you!!!!

I love it❤️

The app is great

Amazing application

Love it

Don't Trick Me Like That

I just got the app and decided to go ahead and upgrade to premium for "$3.99" a month for $12 months seemed like a great deal. I was charged $39.99!!! I thought I would get charged $3.99 month I didn't want to pay for a YEAR!!! So if you want to upgrade to premium they will charge you $39.99 NOT $3.99 A MONTH as advertised!!! If you are sure you'll commit to a whole year go ahead and upgrade if not just keep the free version!!!


Haven't had a chance to use the app but I do appreciate the tracking system to let me know hey let's get started once I do get started I know I will enjoy everything keep telling meplease keep reminding me thank you

Really like it, but

I really do like this app. It is motivational and makes me feel like i did something healthy each day. but what would make the app better for me is if i could indicate that i have problematic areas such as a bad back or hips. for example while i'm not overweight, i can't do half burpees. the motion of dropping to the floor and quickly piking back up was too hard on my back and hips, not that mention the squat jacks. unfortunately i ended up pinching a nerve despite taking it far slower than the guide was, and the next day i was not able to work out. to the app a problem area is one you want the work harder on. while that is great too, i also need the ability to opt out of certain exercises that aren't smart for me to do. i do plan to continue using the app for a while longer and modifying (mostly taking it slower) what makes sense for me to prevent injury.

Love this exercise app!!!

I've downloaded several exercise apps in an attempt to work on being in better physical shape and this app did not disappoint...


Great exercise app👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯💯

Amazing ❤️

This app is amazing and I have reached my goal I am still using it I love it

I took time to write this

Because this app is so good...I've never written a review for an app in my life.

Good but could be better

The app in general is good. The algorithm could use some work. If you have 2 sets in a day sometimes the warm up or cool down are portly placed. In my mind those should always be part of it and should not count as "exercises". Also, if you miss a day you should be able to add on the next day.


I downloaded the app and then realized it wasn't for me. After that I got an email from "Apple" saying they authorized me for a $39.99 yearly subscription. I followed the links to opt out but it needed my SSN and a lot of other personal information. Just a heads up if it happens to anyone else.

It's worth it

Love it


Muy buena aplicación.

Small steps for me

Love it! I have tried other workout programs but they have all gotten too hard too fast, then I don't stick with it. This one is definitely going at my pace, and already seeing results in 2 weeks. In July I challenged myself to walk 100 miles, I accomplished that goal but didn't lose any weight! 2 weeks of 6-12 minutes a day I have lost 3 pounds.

Working out for Dummies

I love this app. If your not sure if you doing an exercise right, because lets face it if your doing every day wrong your doing no good. It shows you in a video. Love love ❤️❤️


very convent app!!!

Awesome app

I am using this app last three months... i must say this is an awesome app. I am reducing my weight so fast with proper diet...


It really works for you. It makes a special work out for every individual. I love it so much I got premium.

Great app !

Even if you have never trained before, you'll find the routines quite enjoyable. Excellent results!

Great Workout!

I'm currently a premium member, and I have to say the app works wonders. I've only been using the app for a little, and I can already feel my workouts improve. It says that they specifically tailor the workouts for you, when in reality it asks you simple questions that any other site would and gives you a workout based on your answers. However, compared to other sites or apps, it provides unique workouts with tutorials if you're a beginner. I've burned plenty of calories already, and when I'm not able to make it to the gym, this is definitely a game changer.


Amazing app


Good app so far

Exactly what I've been looking for

This app is AMAZING. It has short, but intense, body weight exercises you can do anywhere. It gives you workouts in order that you check off, so it feels like you've really accomplished something. I just started doing it but I feel like this is an app I will actually continue with.

Workout app

I love this app and the results are fast and the exercises are easy!!!!!!!!

I recommend

If you're looking to work out, but don't know what to do and can't afford a personal trainer, this app is for you. I started slacking off in my work out and felt like I needed to start over. This app is perfect.

Great app! But.....

When the free trial ended I was not informed of it and when I went to just open the app it renewed for $44.99 with no need for Touch ID or password. I felt as if I was just tricked by a telemarketing company. I don't appreciate the way apple is letting these developers just take the public's money and now Apple has a quota of how many times you can have the money taken off your cc. I wish Steve Jobs was still alive because this would never happen if he was still here. Whom ever is the CEO now really needs to go back to how the iTunes Store was when Steve Jobs was alive. This telemarketing application scam is ridiculous.


I wish the app actually reminded me to do my session. So lazy getting started. A little friendly reminder.

It's good, could be better

I like it, I just hate that I can't listen to my workout playlist on Spotify while I use it. That would make it a lot better

Love it!

Work out make me sweat fast and you know that means is working!!!!!


Nice and so helpful program and i m so happy when I training thank you so much

Great app!

I'm just using the basic app that's free right now but I may consider buying it. Love it so far!


I like it I just think that we should b able to do more without having to pay

Easy work

This is so easy to stay focused. It's only 6 minutes a day! I love it! ❤️


This is the most user friendly app

Out of this world

This is the best working out at five ever had it is really good it's out of this world


These app is good it motivates you with music and lose weight


I like the app but after several weeks of doing the same workouts. It is getting a little repetitive.

I love it

I like this app, because it helps me do excersise every day, plus its awesome

it's pretty awesome

easy to use, instructions are simple and easy to follow. Premiums ad pops up frequently but that's it. otherwise it's pretty awesome.

Love it

It so cool

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