Weight Loss Fitness App Reviews

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Needs to allow you tailor workouts around injuries

There needs to be an options where you can input injuries, so the workouts can be altered in accordance.

It’s great but

The only thing it needs is its own music feature besides that it’s great

Already seeing a difference

Great app!! I am already seeing a difference!


I love it

Needs synchronization

I really enjoy using this app and have noticed a difference in my body within the last month of using it. I wish I could synchronize workouts between my phone and my iPad to choose the device that is closest to me when I am ready to do my workout. Hope this feature is implemented soon.

I love it so much it a good

I love it so much it is a good work out

Easy to use, convenient, but would love a cool down

I do enjoy the routines set up for me. It’s easy to fit in exercise with my busy schedule. I am a newbie to exercising like this but I think it’s great. I do wish there was a way to select more than one problem zone, for example, legs & butt and abs. I would also love it if there was a cool down after the workout. It kind of sends a shock to my system to just have it stop abruptly, would be easier if there was a cool down/stretching session at the end.


i really think this app is so helpful and so motivational it gives enough workouts to feel a burn and enough seconds for a rest it’s perfect i love it(:

Was a good app. Now i cant even use it after ios 11. Waste of 40$.

The fitness for weight loss app keeps on crashing in ios 11. I have the most recent update and i have paid 40$ for premium membership and simply not able to use the app I have iphone 7 plus Update : 11/9: the app is still not working. Wasted a month now. Also i got the response that the fix is in the works. Dont know how long that will take.

Not user friendly

This app is useless unless you buy a subscription.

It's great!

I've already lost 13 lbs in 6 weeks using this app following the routines and dieting. Super easy to use and fun

Amazing and Free

The exercises are great and really do help. Absolutely great and totally recommend if you want to lose weight.


This app is very helpful if you are trying to achieve a healthy, good dieted lifestyle. I recommend this app to any person in the U.S and beyond to download this app. Thank yo for reading this!


I downloaded the app any months ago, I didn’t use it. But they have something like auto subscription and 3 months I lose my money! 9.99$ per month!!!I don’t known how to stop it!



Great experience

The transformation is amazing

Best application!

The best application ever

So great for starters

This is an amazing app if you never work out and you are new to workouts

Big Progress!

I just got this app a few days ago, but it’s design was exactly what I needed to be Motivated to work out! Wish it had a progress photos feature built-in. Otherwise, I love it (and I HATE cardio, so that says something).


I completely love this app! It's helped me stay active and lose weight! I wish I could switch between my phone version and iPad version of the app. It makes restart my training plan even though I've login into my account on my iPad.


Nice For Workout! :D


absolutely love this app. It’s able to track my weight and has a workout schedule already made for me. I do wish that I could have all the things that the premium part has but not for $10/month😉 other than that I definitely recommend this app!!!


Nice app, set up is great. wish it had more than one selection for “problem area”, two would’ve been great.

So far not bad

I’ve only done 2 days so I’m not sure if it’s good or bad yet. I run a mile and a half before.

Short but efficient

I have been using this app for many months and could not be happier. It is easy to save a few minutes to work out, can do it anywhere and makes me work. I have notice the difference not only on how stronger I feel, but how much more endurance I have build over time. I would recommend this to anyone who does not have a lot of time to spare, does not like to go to the gym but wants to stay in shape

Great app!!

I love this app. I’m actually excited to work out knowing the duration is what I can handle. It doesn’t have me doing things that I can’t do which makes it nice to look forward too. However it would be nice if it gave you an intro to what the exercise is before it starts timing you and walking you through what to do. Other then that two thumbs up!

Love it!

So fun and you can choose your difficulty!

Thanks for the App, is very helpful

Thank you so much for the App, is very helpful and the best part is the reminder for time to drink water. I love it. Graciasss.

Amazing 😱😱😱

I love the use of the is it really helps! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

App Rate

This is a great app. It remind me of my daily workout.


It takes your money after your trial but with no way to cancel it.


Completa y muy fácil de llevar a cabo en casa !! :)


I appreciate the constant reminders I received to keep me on track to fitness and a healthier lifestyle and that's what this app offers me. So thank you.

Excellent for discipline

This is a great app if you lack discipline. But the exercises can get boring and monotonous.

Easy to use on your own time

I took the plunge and got this in order to get myself moving. So far I’m pretty impressed with the organization and effectiveness of this app. After a few days I was already feeling more strength in my legs and problem areas. My first criticism is that I start the program but don’t move to the second without adding it in. This may be user error on my end but I don’t understand why it just doesn’t automatically go into the second set (of the three). It says that I’m finished and that I need to enter my weight. After this happens, I receive a notification later on that I didn’t finish the workout. 😳 Additionally, the trainer and video goes way too fast for a beginner like myself. Is there a setting to slow everyone down? Thanks! This has been the easiest way to get in exercise without joining a gym yet and the workouts are simple enough to understand!

Thanks for helping me

Thanks for helping me exercise and so no one makes fun of me so thanks this app is really truthful and I like this app

More free features

The app has a great, quick set for you to get your heart rate up. I just wish I had access to a bit more excercises.



Love it but miss the music

I like the app a lot very good to keep up with routine just wish i could play my music during workouts.

Zero stars

This app is very misleading, especially with the premium option. After the trial, it's NOT monthly. They charge you $42 for a full year with no warning and then when you contact customer service, they repeatedly send you the same automated message saying that "the subscription auto renews and you must cancel it thru iTunes". They will not refund you or cancel it for you. You have to go thru iTunes but thankfully they're much more reputable than this shady app & refunded me with no issues. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THIS APP IS CHARGING YOU.


I enjoy the app getting workouts in everyday burning calories and fat it's so much even listening to your own music on your iPhone

Unusable, not disability friendly.

I was looking forward to using this. There’s no way to adjust workouts based on disabilities. It is NOT disability friendly. Useless and unusable for me. Deleting app.


I have just finished my 7 day free trial and as much as I love this app and have noticed such a huge difference I can no longer use it. Being a full time college student income doesn't happen so I can't afford to spend money on an app when I barely have any now. You guys should think about having some sort of student program where if we have proof of being a student we get 6 months free like several other companies and apps! Helping students like me would make me use this more!

Wouldn’t let me cancel my subscription

They made it very hard for me to cancel my subscription, which was extremely frustrating.


I am so happy to have this app… It reminds me to be active and at the age of 58 I need those reminders LOL additionally it helped me to pick a workout regiment that works for me… This is great





Love it!

I feel like this app was made for me!!


i just love it ❤️

Good works outs, wish more adaptable

Been using the app for about three weeks. Good workouts and it's amazing how much five minutes can do. I love how your workouts I doubt if you skip one, but wish you can change the scheduled days of your plan once you start. Also there is no real warm up or cool down which can lead to injury. There are also workouts, like the frog hops, that are high impact and could be bad for people with knee problems.

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