Weight Loss Fitness App Reviews

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I love it

Best app ever!!

Nice quick workout!

I like the structure so far. I just think that warming before exercise should be mentioned; or if the app can provide some stretches before starting would make it a lot better.

Not happy

This was a ad on Facebook that was added by accident haven’t used and don’t wanna be charged for this!

They charged you automatically

What a scam!!!!

Fitness App

This app helps me to get a six pack what I want and thank you for helping me


Awesome app! Fits my daily routine greatly! I’m positive that I can lose my goal of 20 lbs with this app!!!


This app is totally inappropriate for someone my age and weight. What is the point of entering age and weight when it disregards it . The first exercise was a form of jumping jack with no warm up. The second one was stepping up on a chair, how ridiculous when I have trouble going up and down stairs! This app is meant for young people and should say so.

My workout

Already noticing different feelings in my body.

Just beginning

Just started using the app and am happy with it so far. Great music


Awesome app, I love it it!

Beware Accidentally Subscribing

Make sure you cancel after your free trial (if you want to) on the iTunes subscription page or you will be charged monthly for their subscription. Just got ripped off $20 before I caught it.

Don’t Give Up!

I love this app! Keeps me going forward. When I miss a day, it readjusts for my speed or my needs to accomplish according to data I keyed in and just keeps me in track. I have options for music or not, intensity or to stop and RE-start. I’m sharing it today with a friend. The weight I have lost while using it has stayed off. It’s slow going for me; it has to be right now but it coming off and staying off and I’m feeling better everyday.


Why does your download page say 9.99 a month and once you download the app it states 14.99 a month?

Horrible (zero)

I didn’t want to buy anything but it used my fingerprint to buy a membership. I looked in settings and at the bottom it says I can cancel my membership in account settings, but I am already in account settings and there is no way of letting me cancel it. This is a scam.

Awesome program!

Managed to exercise everyday with this program. I would recommend to everyone.


Great app



Saundra T

Love it

Shady subscription UX

All I wanted to do was try it out, the next thing I know I’ve somehow authorized an anual subscription within 3 taps. No clear way to cancel subscription. Mad shady. Dark UX. Booooo


When it needs money so not so good

Love this!

I didn’t think that 5 minutes a day could feel like you are getting such a workout! I was skeptical of this app because I didn’t think I could get results in such a little time but I can feel it through my body! I am a busy mother of 5 and also a supervisor over a Credit Union and work over 40 hours a week, so I do not have time for exercise. This is perfect for me, I do this every morning and it jump starts my day!

Unable to complete the first workout

The app crashes on the second exercise every time I try it. I wouldn’t have minded so much if I didn’t have to chase down the forced subscription and cancel it before I get charged. A complete waste of my time.

Finished button

I enjoy & like the app. However when you have completed the 3 segments & press finished it starts again - like I still need to keep going & not certain whether to stop or keep going.

Be aware... they charge you

They charge your without your consent to their so called premium feature. No way to cancel it... need to call Apple


i think this fitnnes it's so good i like it !👏

Good stuff

Keeps you in loop

I am loving this app

I know I am only 9 but I am wayyy over weight, I way 35 I was suppose to way 27 or 26 sooo. I love the work out they are fun ( maybe because it’s a beginner) I showed this to all my cousins and they love it. Pls download this app if you see this

Need refund

I haven’t used this app but they charge me 99.98 dollar for what?

Yay for my truck



This is an AMAZING app. It really helps you get healthy!!!


This app is amazing But I don’t have time to do it every day yet there is amazing results so I suggest to stay on top of it and really try your best 👍👍😉😁.



Basic is not free!!

Wanted to try the app and downloaded it this morning only to discover that it has a 7 day trial and not the free basic as described. Subscription price is also higher than what is in the app synopsis. Did not follow through with download. 🤥 😖

Get this app NOW!

I can fit these workouts into the nooks and crannies of my day! I travel frequently with my job, & this travels with me. I’m sore, but not so sore that I can’t function. I’ve never been this excited about working out! It’s completely tailored to MY problem areas and MY needs. I’ll adjust my goals as I increase my abilities and gains. 2 week free trial...sign up!! This is day 5, & I haven’t missed a workout yet. So doable and so FUN!!

I love it❤️

So good and realistic. I was so satisfied with my body. Thanks for the app!👍🏻 I’m ready to the summer!!☀️

Awesome app

I am using this app last six months... i must say this is an awesome app. I am reducing my weight so fast with proper diet...

Love it!!!

Helping a lot


I signed up for the free trial. Went to turn off the auto renewal so I wouldn’t be charged and there is no place to turn it off!!!! Please refund my account!

How awesome!!

This app is awesome you loose a lot of wait

Great variety

I enjoy the workouts and the variety of workouts they select on different days. While I still go to the gym this app helps me learn new ways to workout. Getting me out of the same rotations my body is used to. I do wish you could sync this app onto another device. Can be difficult to see on a little screen 🙃


Well it’s good but I don’t understand why it can’t be all free if you want us to lose weight and be healthy make it free

Amazing app🤩🤩🤩

It’s incredible!!! I already lost a total of 15 pounds with it

Easy to use but annoying

1 Star for super easy to use. Enter your weight and basic stats. They give you 7 min exercises. They tell you what you burned. 1 Star for variety of exercises included on the free app and the clear instructor voice. 0 Stars for annoying me multiple times each session to get premium. 0 Stars for not letting me choose what area I want to work on. 0 Stars for not letting me choose how many calories I want to burn

Looking your best

This app is very detail and helps you get fit!!! Bring your sexy back and get this app

Great App

I love this app. It makes working out one of the easiest things to do. I highly recommend.

What in the world!

I want to know why I had gotten a receipt for this app and it even had my address I did not give any of that information and I want it fixed as soon as possible I don’t pay for apps especially not a working out app

Wrong payment information

I just downloaded this application to try since it is written free. After downloaded the app, i saw that it is automatically set you as prime member and say that turn off the auto extension if you don't want to pay after 7 days trial. This warning is not meaningful since there is no option indeed like this. It automatically makes you prime member and get money recursively. I will inform my bank to cancel payments.

This part is confusing

I put in my gender. So why is there a woman showing me what exercises to do? I’m a dude.

It is great but...

I seriously love this app. It is like you have a personal trainer right at home and it makes it easy.. One thing I really wish I could do on the app is set some goals... Right now I have everything set for weight loss, but it would be nice to set a goal saying how much I want to lose. Other than that, I think this app is just incredible.

Can Stick With It!

I hate to exercise but I can do the 7 minute work outs!

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