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Can't cancel premium

It automatically renew premium subscription and said we can cancel any time. But within the app, can't find the account settings to cancel the subscription!

I Love It!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This app is so amazing it helps to remind you to workout. Which most of them don't do. They help to find out if they should make a workout harder or easier based on what you say. It gives a short break in between so you can catch your breath before the next exercise. Its great, it also connects to the health app, so it will track the workouts and how long you did them for. I think it is the best app in the Fitness section. Its definitely a keeper.

Weight loss

I was up 112.6 and after working out with this app I Wade 112.0 I think it’s making a big improvement what I’ve been losing and I weighed myself today after my final work out and I weighed 112.0 and that’s what made me happy and smile so much I can’t wait to use this app so much more to lose so much more weight


How do I cancel my subscription?

It’s not a free app

Downloading is free but to actually use the app costs about $10.


Tells me I’m fire when I don’t even use the app! I actually asked for refund and no one ever responded. Too expensive!


You have to pay for this app so no

Not what I thought

Is not that helpful and expensive doesn’t really have what it say it does.


It's amazing application 💕

Dishonest bait and switch

When I downloaded the free trial it said that if I didn’t cancel during the trial period, I would be charged $39 for a yearly subscription. I just got the first MONTHLY charge of $10. I’m not paying $120 a year for something that was supposed to be $39. It’s exactly because of this type of dishonest bait and switch that I generally don’t buy apps at all. We’ll be cancelling this immediately.

No notice that trial period ended...

I was charged for this app that I haven’t used. Finally figured out how to cancel the subscription. Unable to figure out how to get a refund.

Attention to automatic charge!!!

Worst app ever. Pop up an automatic charge page saying ‘free trial’, then charged for $9.99. NEVER use finger print for payment in this app!!!


Trying to get my life and health together over weight high blood sugar hopefully this will help me

Good app but a few flaws

Love the exercises and the app. Just wish there was a quick start button after last exercise to start the next module if there’s more than one set that day. Also with that, wish the music would start up where I left off when doing more than one set so I don’t have to keep forwarding the music back to where I ended. Those are my only two complaints thus far. Thanks!

Love it



You have been STEALING FROM ME EVERY MONTH $10 for a premium account I did NOT SIGN UP FOR. If I did some free trial I did not sign up for an account and you automatically added me and have been stealing from me for months. This app is not even on my home screen I deleted it. Apparently they still RUN even when in the cloud and not even in use or logged into? I WANT MY MONEY BACK.


Me gusta solo que me gustaría que fuera más accesible

Bad policy and app is not interesting

I’m not able to delete my account. I didn’t like the app and the voice is a robot voiceover. I tried to delete my account but unable to do so and the company asks you to send in a copy of your ID for them to delete your account and delete your data. I don’t see why I need to send my personal information to delete. Me being able to log into my phone is proof.

I’m being charged for this app that I never ordered

You are charging me for a renewal of something I never knew I had or paid for! I want this off my subscriptions and to refund any money that was paid for this app!

I think it’s working

I have looked and feel better 🏋🏻‍♀️

Bad exercises

I paid for the full subscription thinking I would get motivated to keep at it, but these exercises destroyed my knees. After a month I could no longer go for a walk without having pain in my knees constantly, my back hurt too much to even sleep. As soon as I stopped forcing myself to do these workouts the pain finally went away. I put on the instructions that I was new to working out but I just felt forced though workouts with little time to recover.


I downloaded this app that appeared to be free. But once loaded it tells me that there a $50 charge. I immediately cancelled but they still charged me. It is impossible to locate someone to discuss a refund!!!!! RIPOFF


I’m only 14 and I was always over weight and close 200 lbs but when I relized I had to get myself together I downloaded this app and I started seeing changes in 2 months when I realized the change I was happy. Now you can catch me with a six pack😎.this app changed my life😁


I download this app never used it try to cancel the membership before could use. It the charge me for six month even I never use this app or open it and it was no way to ask for a refound I will strongly recommend you not to download it unless you got almost 50 box to pay after the free trial

Good for certain people

I f you want to lose weight quickly I would recommend that you get the paid options but if you’re someone like me who wants to lose weight but doesn’t mind slowly losing it then you could just use the regular.


This is awesome but where does it show how much weight u loss


Love the app has helped me get motivated I feel the difference in my clothing with the fit.


I feel relaxed and enjoy with your workout Mohammed Alsuomarry/ Iraq

Primera vez

Para no tener ningún entrenamiento me sentí bien y quiero seguir estas rutinas para sentirme mejor


Put in another workout instead of 44 seconds to rest


This workout plan reminds me of HIIT! I attended a fitness class in my hometown and we did a lot of similar workouts that had me exhausted! 30 min. Of this a day is all you need. Eat a clean diet, drink lots of water and you will see results in no time!

Best personal training app!!

I love this app. I tried about 8-9 of weight loss/ cardio apps out there and this is the one I have settled down with. The directions for each move and breathing as well as the fitness level tailored workouts are gems! I have so far worked out for 31 days with this app (5-6 days per week) with legs as my trouble area, and I have already lost 9 ibs. Keep up with this app, start eating right, and keep track of calories of all food intake. Onto my next 30 days woot!

Will charge you for plans you didn’t choose

App is trash. Workouts are decent. But they will charge you for a plan without warning. No way to cancel or get a refund.

Awesome app

Although it keeps asking you to sign up for the premium every second it is an amazing app I have gotten so much healthier than most apps this app also cares of how you feel they let you change your difficulty level through out!!!!! My abs are stronger and my legs are getting skinnier thanks to this amazing app I definitely recommend this app to you guys enjoy your workout!!!!😊😊😊

Lost all my progress

My phone had a problem, I reinstalled the app and lost all my progress. I used the same FB account and had to start over.

Would not recommend

I saw this app on Facebook and decided to give it a try. Was immediately disappointed to find out there is a one week trial. After that it’s $9.99. I also read some really bad reviews from paying subscribers. Might as well save your money and find something on YouTube or get a gym membership.

Great App

It gradually builds and adjusts schedule if you miss a workout. I love that I can do it from home!

Not worth it

Misleading about the costs.


It helps so much

This app basically forces you to pay

I just hopped back on this app. However, it would not let me get out of the “get the deal” screen, basically I had to pay $39 upfront which I didn’t but there’s no way for me to get out of that screen without paying it. Help??


The only reason I think it’s bad is because at first I didn’t know that you had to pay the subscription fee (I just didn’t know that you had to pay). I was so excited to finally start losing weight and getting more fit. I’ve been very self conscious and have VERY low self esteem about my body, and I was pumped to start changing. Well, now, I’m not and I’m back to the state where I’m very sad about how my body looks and I’m afraid it actually may lead to depression. I’m still looking for more apps out there that are free. ☹️


It’s not super good you have to pay for thing and I’m poor and I wanna lose weight .


Wish it had a calorie counter and meal prep ideas along with the exercise aspect all in one app but, this is really good for the exercise helps to remind you when to do it as all as provide someone there to motivate you also all the work out are affective and can be done anywhere you wish. I like how it pics the work outs for you and reminds you to weight in and out picture off. really motivating

Money Looters

I didn’t like the app & I sent them messages to cancel my account & they wouldn’t reply & guess charged me. Has no cancellation option on app.

Just started using the app

I just started and within the first workout I can tell that I’m going to get a lot of progress with this app the workouts are all great and you can move the times to suit your preferences it’s so great!

Do not want it

Pleas please cancel!!!


I lost all my progress and now I have to start over again. It kept my subscription luckily, but a bit upset that I have to start all over from training day 1 at 0% progress when I was over 40% before.


Me gusta mucho soy mama y no puedo ir al gym y me siento muy bien haciendo ejercicios. Pero me gusta aunque tengo cosas pagan, las cosas gratis tienen cosas buenas

Not adding burned calories???

For some reason and I do not if it’s this app or my Apple Watch but it’s not adding my calories burned through the exercise to the watch. It has not done this for three days yet it has added the minutes of exercise that I’ve done.

Great app

I can do 7 min work everyday & it works sooo good !!!!

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