Weight Loss Fitness App Reviews

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Good App

I think this is a good app. I wish it was accessible on my other apple devices. Especially my apple TV. I’ve been using my iphone and its hard for me to see. Other than that Im really enjoying it!

Too fast

I like the app. But I just feel like for a beginner they start you off too fast and and jumps from one exercise to another.


I was charged $53.00 and I thought I was getting a free trial. I want my money back now!

App is great

This app is so I good I’ve lost 2 lbs when I started using this app I’m also on premium

Beng I can do this

Where is the music though?

Of course you have to pay!!

I don’t understand why workout apps like this charge so much money. It really pisses me off that you can’t simply get a good app that is free! You could go online for the same services this sad app offers! Guess I’ll keep looking shouldn’t be hard to find something better.

Workout best

Actually my body is improving

Love his app

I’m a stay at home mother who loves to crochet and who runs after her two boys which can’t seam to keep out of trouble!! This doesn’t leave much time to work out and remember to drink plenty of water. That is why I love this app it keeps me on track so I can see a healthier more energetic future for me!!!

needs to be more flexibility

Good workouts but the difficulty didn't build quickly enough for me and the advisor should be more flexible.

Great app

I really love the app I’ve saw a huge difference throughout my body. Before I would get so tired from just walking up the stairs but now I could walk up up the stairs for forever and not get tired! You guys should really get the app‼️


Won’t let you cancel subscription. Has no customer service number.

Can’t get ahold of anyone to fix a problem

I purchased the monthly subscription after the free trial. It was $9.99 a month with automatic reoccurring payments each month. It charged me the $9.99 one month but also charged me $50.00 randomly and signed me up to premium which I never signed up to do. I take the time to read the terms of use and it never said anything like this. I just was paying 10$ a month to see if I could stick to it. I want a refund and I can’t get ahold of anyone!!!!! Someone please contact me!

Automatic billing!

Billed me for a subscription I didn’t want or need without asking.

A little to hard for Beginners with injuries

I had a back injury a few years ago & these exercises are little too hard for me even at the beginner’s level. But I love the app though. And the personal trainer went a little too fast for me. This app would be great for people who are already in shape or use to an exercise routine. It’s was just too much for me. If I keep using this app I would end in the hospital.

Body change

This had helped me get my dream body so I am going to keep doing the app and see if i can get any further

Worst App

It doest not work at all. In a minute into the exercise, App shuts down. I sent multiple emails to service team, but nothing, even though they said it is fixed (they did say, they are aware of the issue).

I love it!

I work from home and can be pretty sedentary. This is a great reminder to get up in move. It is fun, manageable, and three weeks in - I am seeing real results. Very happy! Only wondering what happens at the end of the 60 day work put regimen. I want to keep it going!!

Love it but a slight thing

In the app I have had to skip workouts so I wasn’t able to do the others. Can you make it to where you can do the other workouts in an amount of time? It would be great! Keep up the work and keep making weight loss apps!

Pues piden tarjeta de credito tan locos yo pense que era gratis uu no

Uuuu pense que era gratis 😣

Why do I have to download the workouts??

I have been using this app for a while now and I love it, however today I started to become very frustrated with it. I do not have a lot of available storage on my phone and it will not let me access my workouts without having to download them first. I have never come across this issue. I want to be able stream the workouts without having to download them and taking up valuable storage on my phone. I might have to cancel my subscription if this issue continues.


I cancelled my trail, remove app and still get charged. I have reinstall and try again and reactivates charge automatically. Find a better app and company to support.

Worth it......

It’s been so lomg since I’ve found exercise app I really enjoy. If your someone whose looking for results fast, checke these programs out.

Thumbs DOWN

It’s bad and my account is not able to be deleted. Waste of money

Don’t do it! $$$

Find another app that’s free. They want $39.99 for a year. Don’t get misled like I did.

It works!!!!

Thank y’all so much!!! 😊😊


So far so good


This app is a scam. They say free trial and you can cancel anytime but nowhere in the app allows you to cancel or turn off auto-renewal.


I’m fit and healthy ☺️me and my sister love 💕 this app problem is that they do running in place in every single one ☝️ OF THEM!!!!!!


I am having a very hard time with singing back In with this app. My 7-day free trial is ending tomorrow and I cannot log back in. I think you should add a “forgot password?” options such as many other apps. This app was great but I’m not sure it was right for me and now I cannot cancel my subscription. Thank you.

Very helpful❤️❤️

This app is very useful for me, I used to dread exercises and not do them, but these are short and simple but still get the job done! I'm doing much better with my exercises


Kinda wished it had more exercises but overall great

Interested in Workout App.

Hello, as I downloaded this Workout App which seems like a great tool to see easy results over time. I saw that there is a “7 Day Trial” until your charged a fee. Is this not a free Workout App? Thank you!

J’aime beaucoup cette application

J’aime beaucoup cette application car ça nous permet de développer des compétences petit à petit Nous montons le niveau c’est à dire des exercices en plus Ce que j’apprécie également c’est qu’à la fin de chaque entraînement ils nous mettent le nombre de calories brûlés Ce que j’aime moins c’est que nous pouvons pas mettre des musiques en même temps que la séance


Bait and switch. Advertised as free, however it’s only free for seven days.


Want some abs but gotta pay 😕😕😕😕

Excelente aplicación.

Me gusta los ejercicios van de acuerdo a mi capacidad y ritmo. Y me ha ayudado a disciplinarme hacer mis ejercicios diarios. Y lo que más me gusta que no toma mucho tiempo para hacerlos ya que son cortos. Me ayudado abajar de peso

Good could be better

Always tries to make me a member - To sell me stuff


So I got this app in hope to lose some extra fat I have. It seemed like it would work. But you have to pay for EVERYTHING. Its not something I would recommend but it might work for you. I found a better, free app instead

Don’t Get It

This app won’t even let me agree to all of its policies and all that. And if that is happening you know it’s not going to be even 1% worth it. I have contacted them and no one has responded. This very much disappoints me.

Won’t load

App won’t go past step one.


Wouldn’t even get past the first step. So much much for helping me stay fit. All it did is keep me sitting and waiting for it to load, opposite of fitness training.


It would never open. Every time I tried to use the app I received an “Oops, Something Went Wrong” error message. Deleted and reloaded with the same results.


I don’t like it because we have to pay and I don’t wanna pay

App crashes

I just downloaded this app and every time I try to open it, it crashes. I was looking forward to using it.


this app os so dumb it dosent say pay 40 dollars a year to work out like bih i wanna work out and not haveto pay to do it

So Cool

You gays download this app because it actually works


You have saved me


This app is the jam!i list 2 pounds in a few months/weeks


I wanted to try the 1 week free trial premium but I realize that this app isn’t fit for me which is ok because not everyone is the same, it said i can cancel my subscription anytime yet i cant find a button in the account settings that say “cancel subscription” i really cant pay cuz i cant afford it and i have to use the money for other things! Please tell me how i can cancel the subscription!! What buttons do i click?!!

Not okay

I was charged 21 dollars and I’m still on the first day of my 7 day trial ?

  • send link to app