Weight Loss Fitness App Reviews

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Very efficient while being simple


the app helped me lose a lot of weight

i lost 30 pounds due to this app.. i love it!! totally recommend.


Just started using the app, but so far loving it.



False advertising

They tell you this is an in app and free the you download it and find its a trial then you have to pay for 10 dollars a month


Good basic program and the reminders are good. I use it with my current gym workout

Great motivator

I love this app it keeps me motivated pushes me when I need it and holds me accountable I only used the free mode and it’s fantastic can’t wait to pay for the rest and continue my fitness journey.

It sort of works

I am 95 pounds I have been working out losing one pound a day I went to the doctors I’m 95 my weight on the app says I’m 110

Great workout features!!!

Great features and a great app to motivate you to get off the couch and workout. Easy program for starters like me but still intense enough for a great workout fit for your body type. I love it!!

Stronger than ever

This app has help me get stronger than ever. I way 68.6 I used to weigh 79.7 so I lost 13 pounds with this. Now I can’t live 13 boxes full of books without my arm is getting tired .YAY!YAY!O.M.G.

Jump start!

This app was very helpful in getting up and moving again. I haven’t worked in a very long time and I feel I am out of shape. I like that the duration and frequency of the workouts were manageable for a person like me that feels like I’m starting again on my journey of exercise. Some days you had more workouts that others and that too was very cool. I didn’t dread looking at the app nor the idea of exercising. The movements were not always executed just like the instructor modeled but I could do most of them accurately. Because the movement was part of the workout plan for another day, I felt like I could continue to try to get better with that particular movement. Overall I really like this app.

Love this app

The exercises are short but very effective.they can easily and gradually transform a couch potato into an athletic person. Hope the developers make it more interactive. In other apps, one can set their target goal and track progress towards that goal with the app. This one does not have any interactive features even with the pro version.

Amazing App

I have never used an app that works this amazing. I have been searching forever and I finally found one that works for me. I have had this app for a month and I’ve lost 20 pounds. This is the best app to use to get in shape. I highly recommend it.😊

Awesome 💪🏼

I love this app. I have been looking for a training app so I don’t have to go anywhere specific to exercise. It tells you when it is time to work out and schedules a work out for you everyday! It is an amazing app. If you get this app, I bet, you won’t be disappointed.😁

Great app

Good app has good organization and fun to do on a weekly basis so who ever made this app good work


It was great the 4 days it lasted, than every time I tried to select the next day, it bugged out! I shout my phone off then turned it on again, I cleared all my apps, I tried everything I could, but it wouldn’t work! I liked it, but I can’t use it unless they fix it.




I bought the yearly premium plan and was very excited to start. However, every time I go to start the first exercise it crashes and closes out the app. I’ve force closed app, restarted my phone and updated the app and nothing has fixed. Very disappointed.

App issues

This app has bug problems and will not stop with the adds for premium, other than this I would download it.

Freezing and closing itself

Disappointed this app and running for weight loss have both stopped working properly. I paid for premium membership on both apps. Fix if or money back necessary!

Keeps Crashing

The app keeps crashing while I am trying to get my training in for today.


Love the app and the workouts are nice. But all the sudden the app keep crashing.

App shuts down

This app just shuts down while using. Sometimes it won’t function. Other times it closes while in use or before work out begins. It offers upgrades then shuts down

Keeps crashing

I loved it until the 5th day, it kept crashing and I wasn’t able to do anything. Please fix, I loved this app.


The app just randomly shutdown.

Love the beginners process

Why this is only my third day using this App I’m already in love with it. They start you off slow to get you use to working out then gradually increase work out plans. Also everything your doing you can do at home and no equipment is needed.

Very nice

It’s an amazing app. I just wish it would connect to my other devices so I can stay on track even if I’m not using the same device over all.

Una App a la medida

Espectacular no solo en términos de rutinas y ejercicios. Los consejos son lo que una persona vive y siente cuando inicia rutinas de ejercicio o cuando ya ha está acostumbrado. Me encanta!

It’s great

it’s a good app but i wish it notified you more whenever you had a workout

It is ok

It is ok but it could be a lot better by giving recipes and things of that sort

Yass best workout 😜

I love this workout ive lost a lot of wegiht

Don’t like it’!

I don’t like it, the workouts are too easy. I’ve tried cancelling it but the app won’t let me and I got charged $10...

Dyslexia Queen

Awesome App for people with no time that want a shorter but effective workout

love this app

this app is very helpful to those who want to lose weight, however you need to pay to get the premium one 😭


Great app!!!! I love it and all the exercises it offers!!

Love it!

I’ve had a hard time finding a good workout app and this one is really useful all-round! It helps you keep track day to day and schedules set work outs each day so you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to do if especially if you are new to exercising and don’t know where to start! And if you are new and are unsure how to do a certain exercise it breaks it down with a detailed description and video along with the work out! Even gives you set days for full body, and troubled areas to set throughout the week. And cardio also. Making it super easy! As well as keeping track of how much weight you are losing. Even sends you notifications to not forgot your work out routine. One thing I really do like also is that it will ask you after each work out if it was too easy, too hard or just enough for you! Because not everybody is the same!


A really nice app

Good but the ads are obnoxious

I’ve only used this for a day so far. I’m beyond out of shape and the first 6 minute workout had be dripping sweat. The workouts weren’t impossible to do and were within my capabilities. With that being said, the ads are beyond annoying. There should be an option to pay a one time fee to get rid of the ads. There’s constant pop ups pushing their premium plan which is a monthly fee. No thanks. I’ll keep trying this for a few months but if that doesn’t change, I won’t be keeping the app.


I mean.... the app really good gets your heart pumping and and your body sweating a lot Pro. The cool thing is if you are not satisfied with your workout you can do other workouts. But it can only be your Previous workouts. Though it do unlock some new exercises every day sometimes.. esh Con. He woman who is demonstrating is creepy cause she is smiling the WHOLE 2-15 minute workout and I workout every day with eyes Closed. Plus I am in the basement... soooo... yeah

Right app for me

It’s just what l was looking for.


Before this app, I felt like trash and weighed 119 pounds, and I’m 11!But after half the app and eating healthy I have lost so much weight and become so fit, I now weigh 111! THANKYOU - Hannie

JUST wow

I've been using this app this week and it's perfect for me. I have joint issues and this app customizes workouts according to your strengths and endurance and I think it's absolutely amazing. The workouts are fun and not long since I don't have the stamina I should have. I absolutely love love love this app. No complains. I would recommend this app to anyone that's interested in starting to exercise!

Good night workouts

I do my 6 mins work outs at night before bed its a huge stress stress reliever.

Do NOT use - scam

Terrible app. No way to cancel! Don’t sign up it will auto charge your account

Pretty good

While I put in that I was not really active(beginner) the exercises appeared to be fairly simple but don’t underestimate the impact. While simple it’s a great quick work out activity. They actually made me sore.... (I was injured and couldn’t work out over 1 year)...you definitely work your muscles. I still have body parts I can’t work... I wish the app would incorporate areas of bodies you cannot work or alternative exercises for ones you can’t do. I worked it out but it would be helpful

Very good.

Fits my schedule perfectly.


I have lost over 30lbs with this app and I have NOT bought one thing! I love the videos, and how it tells you what to do in detail. I love the awards and cute little critters at the end that look excited saying “adrenaline rush!” It’s super cute, fun and it works if you stick to it! 100% recommend this app!


You Must Download!❤️

Nervous about trying it

Do you have to do all the work outs for 6 minutes or just pick one and do it?

Pop ups

Ask money every time not depending app

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