Weight Loss Fitness App Reviews

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Great for diet or just to lose weight🤗

I have been on the app for 3 days and I’m in love with it I mean I have to push myself to do certain things like mountain climb but it’s still a good way to lose weight or stay on a diet

Love it!

I love this app so much even though I am only a couple days through! It has been making me want to exercise more often. And I love the exercises it wants u to do and how it will tell u how many cals u have burned on the app😍😍! One thing I want is to set a goal on the app for myself. Or else this app is awesome!!!!!!😘😍😘😍


It tracks how much u loose u may have to pay but it’s worth it but u can do some days free

Needs LOW IMPACT workouts

I liked this app but it has no low impact workouts. At 50 with knee injuries from skiing I CANT do burpees and all the jumping. Aggravated my knee and I must quit. Create some low impact workouts plz!!

It's Perfect

This app is amazing, everyday it reminds me to to the 7 min workout and it's not hard at all and the great thing is that it rewards u! I love to do it everyday, it makes me excited to do it the next day!

They are charging me for a premium subscription but when I check I'm not subscribed!!!!

I got a bill for the premium subscription but when I checked my app it says I'm a basic account with no subscription to premium. Then why am I getting charged!!! No option to contact support. Watch your monthly charges if you download this app.


Хорошая программа


I love it and is so helpful


This app is so great. I lost almost ten pounds already and the exercises are at my level

Excellent !!!

Really good

Very Good Motivation For People Who Need to Work Out

If you are like me, I use most of my time on my phone. I think having an app that will remind you to work out will help a lot if you are just like me. I used this for a New Year Resolution and so far, it’s doing great. I think this a good way for people I work out if they can’t go to fitness gyms.

Fitness at its Best

I love this app and how they customize workouts just for me. Being that I haven’t worked out in a couple of years it’s definitely great to be able to start gradually. I love that I can track my weight everyday and getting the reminders are awesome because I will forget. The only thing the I would like to see added is a place where I can actually put in a goal for the size I want to get to and to keep me motivated. Oh I forgot 🤭, I love 😍😍😍 the music and I just feel like I can rock out in my living room by myself. Thank you so much for thinking about the average girl like me who wants to become extraordinary.

Best app

I love it 💕

Good App but....

Too many reminders about adding premium. Can’t afford premium for Running and this one. Other than that enjoying.


Omg, I just love this app because it has a lot of good workouts, a good plan, and a calendar to set up the work outs, they check on weight, and remind about workouts that we need to finish. After every workout (everyday 7 minutes) they ask about how do we feel after this workout, and this is very important. There are options like- 1.The workout was easy, and I didn’t do much to accomplish it. 2. I feel fresh, and my body is too. 3. Good exercise for bones, fresh, I loved this workout. And etc. I recommend this app to everyone, and just love it!

I look awesome but...

I look good but they don’t tell u what u have to eat to and when I do my workouts it’s like soo fun and now that I got that app i like to run outside and I was a FAT kid but now am not fat am cute as HELL I LOVE MYSELF I love this app to 🤯😄😄

I like it

I like the app. I just wish they’d add some music.

Fitness app

This app is sooo good and amazing, I hope that every single one to try this app. 😍👌🏻 هذا البرنامج جداً جيد و رائع،و أتمنى ان يجرب كل شخص هذا البرنامج فهوَ مفييييييد جداً.😍👌🏻.

I’m gonna lose weight

I’m gonna lose 12 pounds


I like this app a lot. The only thing I don’t like is that I’m paying for the premium features and I can’t access them. Even though I’ve been paying for a month straight it STILL says that I’m not subscribed (but I am). This is very annoying and a waste of my money😡


It help you so much


so good


Great I love it I feel like a totally new person

Slow App

The app is pretty good, it is slow though. It took 20 minutes to realize I had upgrade. Glitchy, but good.

I love it 💜

fit girl!

Is it possible to share the workout from my phone to my tv? That would be awesome but either way I do it with my partner from my phone love the app!


I actually like the app. It keeps me accountable to do my workouts. Thank you


It’s a really friendly reminder and very updated 😊 couldn’t be happier 😉


I have lost over 15 lbs with this app and I have NOT bought one thing! I love the videos, and how it tells you what to do in detail. I love the awards and cute little critters at the end that look excited saying “adrenaline rush!” It’s super cute, fun and it works if you stick to it! 100% recommend this app!

Absolutely PERFECT!

When I first started this app I had NO IDEA it would bring me so close to my goals. They cover EVERYTHING! I enjoy myself so much once I’m done with my workout I will jump to the next one. I HIGHLY recommend this app to ANYONE even beginners. The hardest part about working out is getting there but with this app you can workout at home all the time any time you want. Everyday is a start of something new & it’s a way to bring in the new year strong 💪🏽

I lost 100 pounds

I lost 100 pounds since l used it

Very handy!

So far I really like the app. After reading several other reviews I too have some questions about how to use the app. Like others when there are three exercise programs to get through I have a hard time getting to the next set of exercises. Also when the video shows an exercise that has one arm or leg, should we be switching half way through? This seems obvious but I assumed there would be two sets, one for each limb but there wasn’t so maybe I’m missing something. Thanks!

Needed a Routine

This app is great! I needed a solid routine to target my problem areas that isn’t boring. I went ahead and purchased the premium membership. Excited to use my body weight to get my BACK in shape!

Didn’t want to buy

Beware their clever marketing trick, I was never even told a price just asked for my fingerprint. I downloaded it but didn’t use the 7day trial when I logged on again it asked for my finger print the moment I got on didn’t say a price or anything and charged my account! Since I unfortunately already have it for a month I’m just doing to use it I guess.

Lol Hi

Yus it's amaziiiiingeeez

I’m enjoying this app

It’s an intense little workout perfect for jumpstarting my day.

This is the best

I been doing this for weeks and I’m already slim

Best exercise app ever

I have tried different exercise apps to be able to do from the comfort of my home and this by far has been the best one. I have tried it for about 3 weeks and have already seeing results. Can wait to see my final product!

A los proveedores Fitness.

Es muy buena esta aplicación , los ejercicios trabajan en todo el cuerpo con intensidad. Gracias.

This is app is very helpful.

I’m literally 13 and I even think this app is great. Even if you don’t do the assigned workouts (which you should anyway) there are still very helpful tips and good information about health and stuff.

I love it

I am really enjoying this app. I just wish I could sync it with my phone

Great Review!

First day I have used this app and I’m in love. It gives you reasonable workouts and gives you time to rest. I would enjoy if this app gave you encouraging feedback


Scammed me of a membership. DO NOT GET THIS APP. I ACCIDENTALLY bought a membership by trying to exit the screen when it asked me to pay and my fingerprint went through. The thing is though, IT CHARGED ME CARD $46 AND NEVER GAVE ME THE MEMBERSHIP. I keep pressing restore purchases and it’s not loading. I even emailed them, and no response. Bought $46 of AIR basically, worst app ever. Even if I wanted to use the membership WHICH I NEVER WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE, I couldn’t. Wish I could rate 0 stars.


I love this app it’s so convenient you can do it anywhere and it’s super fast.

Big Progress - Day 34!

On day 1, I was completely out of breath and exhausted following the first 7-minute workout in my plan. And, I HATED cardio. Today I’m on day 34 and I just completed 24 minutes total of cardio using this app. My endurance is improving each day and I have NOT skipped one workout. I’ve lost -9.0lbs so far since starting this and cutting junk food/high carb meals out of my diet and I could not be happier 😊


Every thing in this app is good for keeping your weight tracked and it adjusts to when you gain and lose weight.. but in order to get every single access point to really do what you want you need to pay the cash($9.99 monthly)

Best app

Great app really works

Not good

I’m really unhappy with this app I bought the premium package and it took the money out right away and I got an email saying I’m subscribed but I wasn’t able to use any premium features I tried to restore my purchase and that did nothing so now i lost $39.99 and I have an app that won’t let me use what I paid for


This app is so good. I’ve lost weight, it does take time. It makes sure for you to lose weight, and has planned workouts for you.

Great app

I just love this app. It gags help me get motivated and a workout plan going

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